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  • The initial meeting
  • Audit
  • Risk analysis
  • Measures
  • Maximum security

you can never guarantee security.
but you can always maximise it

the four components of the epp security approach.

The initial meeting

In the initial meeting, we determine the existing situation and the perception of your individual risk factors. Based on this, we create a matrix for the systematic assessment and evaluation of your risks.


We examine whether and to what extent current processes and requirements match the results of the risk matrix and we use this to make deductions for our security assessment.

Risk analysis

Following a holistic hazard analysis carried out by recording and evaluating all risk factors, we determine an order of priority and list specific measures from this.


Depending on the security concept developed, measures recommended range from background checks and the checking of employees (pre employment screening) through to continuous monitoring, personal protection and investigations, as well as advice on technical and physical safeguards.

Maximum security

Our target is always 100% security, but nobody can ever guarantee this. That is why it is a matter of maximising security to the greatest degree possible using holistic analyses, tailor-made approaches and the deliberate mitigation of possible risks.

The EPP Security pyramid