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Each system has its weak point, each situation that seems secure, has its loopholes. Digital networking and data handling, over which there is limited control, have dramatically increased the challenges involved in security management in recent years.

Our response is to holistically consider all relevant factors, from which we develop tailor-made security solutions to protect your privacy or family – online as well as offline. This includes security checks, which analyse the Web for private content, as well as training to raise awareness among family members and employees.

our motto

Our objective is to increase our clients’ security and peace of mind, without disrupting their private lives

protection of family

Anyone who is in the public domain, occupies a certain status or has a certain amount of wealth is well-advised to keep an eye on the security of their nearest and dearest. We analyse the risk and, as necessary, develop visible or invisible security measures – to close the gaps in your security measures.

protection in the digital world

The Internet has its own laws. It is important to understand these and to make them part of the real-world security solution. We provide a Security Web Check, which shows everything that is to be found online about you, your family and your assets and security situation. Based on this, we can set up continuous monitoring of the Web at all times and actively raise the alarm if critical threat related information is found.

Security Check

A security check is a safe basis for making future decisions or for the optimisation of existing safeguards. Frequently occurring topics here include the security of private as well as commercial property, safe rooms, the screening of new employees and security checks for travel related activities.

training & raising awareness

Security is an issue that should concern everybody to a varying extent. This includes not just domestic workers, the secretary and the driver but also the client’s children. What are they posting on social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat? Could that negatively impact the family’s security? Our approach is to train all individuals who belong to the client’s “risk community”, to make them aware of possible hazards and to help them comply with relevant safe practices.